Dementia Awareness Week

Posted on 14 May

This morning we started our Dementia Awareness Week off with Runnymede Pre-school hosting their sports morning in our garden, watched and enjoyed by our family and the children’s families.

Last October Oakdale linked in with Runnymede Pre-School.  The children visit Oakdale once a week for a few hours to enjoy some activities with us.  Earlier this year the Pre-school lost its outdoor space so we now share our garden with them anytime they want to use it.

The children and residents really enjoy this time together and some special friendships have been made.

Bringing communities into our home is very important to us and bringing young and old together is priceless.

Some of our family would usually be very quiet and when the children are visiting it is like they come alive, expressing laughter and joining in conversations, it makes a huge difference.