Oakdale Activities Visit

Posted on 12 September

On Saturday 8th September Our Activities Coordinator Maureen took one of our residents, Jo, to our local Cats Protection Re-homing Show. Jo was a little nervous about leaving our home but this was far outweighed by the excitement of visiting the show. They took a taxi to Rayleigh with Jo chatting all the way and as they got nearer her face lit up when she saw the signs directing them to the show. Once they entered the hall Jo immediately made a bee line strait for all the Cats, she fussed over them, stroked them, talked to them and read all the information attached to the pens. Jo chatted with all the staff, kindly gave a donation and explained that she used to work for them, she is now on the mailing list so she can keep up with the Cats news. Jo and Maureen enjoyed a cup of coffee before they took a taxi home, Jo thanked Maureen several times and told her she had a great time.