General information

Our dedicated Activities Co-ordinators provide group, one-to-one activities and entertainment for residents. All of our residents are actively encouraged to continue with their current hobbies or try new ones! We offer sensory awareness and stimulation exercises for all of our residents. A hairdresser visits every week and a chiropodist visits every six weeks. If residents prefer to use their own hairdresser or chiropodist they are free to do so. Residents are able to keep their own GP (if the GP agrees) or they can choose to change to a local GP.

Medical needs in residential homes are overseen by District Nurses and the most up-to-date equipment is provided to promote good safe practice when handling and moving residents.

Our experienced and highly qualified Home Managers are supported by Care Staff, many of whom are NVQ trained, as well as housekeeping teams, maintenance staff and dedicated Chefs and Cooks.

Our staff receive on-going training and development to promote best practice and encourage self-development.

Visitors are welcome at any time and are always able to stay and enjoy a meal with the residents they are visiting at a small charge.

For help or advice please call our friendly team on 01303 884700 or email