Moving in

Once a decision has been made to choose a particular home there are number of things that need to be done before the person can be admitted.

The typical admission process is as follows:

  1. Referral by local authority, self or family member
  2. Visits to homes and choosing a home
  3. Pre-admission assessment by suitably qualified staff from the home
  4. The home confirms that they are able to meet the individuals needs
  5. Funding agreement
  6. Admission

An appropriately trained member of the senior care team will do a detailed and thorough pre-admission assessment to ensure that the home is able to meet the client’s needs. This can be done at the person’s home, in hospital, another care home or in the chosen care home. It is important that we know as much information about the person as possible so that we can try to adapt to the persons own lifestyle, habits, likes and dislikes to ensure that the first few days in the home are as smooth and stress free as possible.  The information given is confidential however it is shared with the relevant staff so that they can prepare a plan of care that will highlight individual needs and show how the person can best be supported.  

Once funding has been agreed a contract should be provided by the home and the person can move into the home.  

Homes can complete this process very quickly if necessary, often within a few days.